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The Aspiria Story

Aspiria Corp. is the only company in Canada focused solely on providing Employee (EAP) and Student (SAP) Assistance Programs.

Aspiria was founded in 2003 by Charles Benayon in response to market changes in the EAP industry. As the industry consolidated and providers of EAP services diversified into other markets, our founder recognized the opportunity to develop a unique and innovative EAP offering to the underserved small and medium-sized employer.

In 2011, we utilized a similar strategy to expand our mental health service offering to another much-needed sector, the college and university student market.

Today, our founder’s vision has been crystallized as Aspiria serves over 315,000 employees, students, and their families in Canada and internationally.

One hundred percent Canadian-owned, Aspiria provides a solution-based suite of mental health and wellness EAP/SAP services to all employer and educational sectors across the country when and where they need it most.

How We Are Different

  • EAP/SAP is our core business

    We have years of expertise in the mental health field and are dedicated to mental health solutions.

  • Customized and flexible solutions

    We understand that no two organizations are the same and that each of our clients has unique needs.

  • Dual client relationship

    We provide superior customer service that values both the user of the service and the plan sponsor.

  • Quality offering

    We value face-to-face counselling, and provide our professional services based on need, with no restrictions on the number of cases required to resolve issues.

  • Ease-of-access and choice

    We are a truly client-centered service that provides 24-hour multilingual assistance and professional counselling in various formats of choice.

  • On-demand response and technology

    We are accessible to our clients whenever and wherever they need it the most through our professional clinical network and virtual digital platforms.

  • 100% transparency

    We audit all clinical files and provide transparency to ensure quality and continuity of care.


In March 2004, Aspiria launched its first two EAPs with Delta Hotels & Resorts and Veterans Affairs Canada.

In 2008, Aspiria made its first strategic acquisition in LINK EAP, reinforcing its commitment to servicing small companies.

In 2011, Aspiria formalized a strategic alliance with Empire Life Insurance Company, providing a unique EAP offering to the small group benefit employer market.

In 2011, Aspiria launched its first two customized Student Assistance Programs (SAP) with Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).

In 2016, Aspiria made a strategic acquisition in southern Ontario acquiring PACE EAP, reinforcing our commitment to regional expansion in Ontario.

Today, we continue to focus on service excellence, niche, solution-focused mental health solutions, and the prevention of illness.

Mission, Vision & Values

Aspiria recognizes the value and importance of promoting, fostering, and maintaining the well-being of its clients, employees, students, and their families.

Our mission is to create expert health solutions that empower organizations and their people. This will be accomplished through our core values of responsiveness, care, passion, dedication, ethics and, integrity.

Professional and nimble, with years of experience and depth in mental health, our clients recognize us for our integrity, transparency and accountability in all that we do.





Aspiria fosters and maintains the well-being of employees, students and their families to create an environment of wellness and success. This is accomplished through our ‘three pillars’ approach to decision-making that underpins the design and success of our services. With Aspiria, help is only a phone call away.

The Three Pillars:

  1. Accessibility: Help is available when and where our clients need it the most. The first step is to make the call and let us know what you would like assistance with. We will help you determine how best to use the services you are requesting.
  2. Choice: As an employee or student, participation in our program is completely voluntary. Although an employer or school can recommend that you use the assistance program, only you decide if you wish to participate.
  3. Confidentiality: Access to EAP services is 100% anonymous and confidential within the limits of the law. Specifically:
    • No one will know that you have used Aspiria’s services without your written permission.
    • Your counselling appointments are held in our off-site offices, away from your workplace or school.
    • Aspiria counsellors are professionals, adhering to the ethics and standards of their respective disciplines, all while respecting the professional-client relationship.

At Aspiria, we will provide a safe place where a caring professional will take the time to listen and help find the right solution for your mental health concerns.



Charles Benayon, Hon. BA, MSW
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As one Canada’s most experienced leaders in the EAP industry, and Aspiria’s Founder & CEO , Charles leads the Aspiria team to make a difference in people’s lives by recognizing that each individual and organization we work with is unique. With over 25 years consulting experience in the EAP industry, Charles brings wisdom, insight, and passion to assist over 500 Aspiria customers achieve their organizations’ strategic goals by recognizing the value of their EAP or SAP to a healthy work or school environment.


Eric Rubel, M.A., M.Ed., OACCPP, Reg. Psychotherapist
Vice President, Clinical Experience
Eric joined Aspiria in 2010. As VP of Clinical Experience, Eric oversees Aspiria’s national clinical network and operations, ensuring the quality and standardization of our service delivery across the country. In addition, Eric manages the suite of programs under Aspiria’s Organizational Health Services, including mental health, disability management, and addictions.


Robert Gould, BA, PGM, MACT
Vice President, Business Development
Robert joined Aspiria in 2009. As VP of Client Experience, Rob oversees our national account management team to ensure the quality-driven and account delivery of Aspiria’s EAP and SAP services to our organizational clients. Robert also consults with clients about EAP promotion and communication, the impact of Aspiria’s EAP on the mental health and wellness of employees and students, as well as mental health training and education.







Empire Life Insurance Company

 Aspiria has been a strategic partner with Empire Life since 2011, a company that specializes in designing group benefits plans for small and mid-size companies.

Through our AssistNow™ Empire Life customers receive our unique Employee Assistance and Wellness Program (EAP), exclusive to Empire Life Group Benefits customers.

With its straightforward, quality and innovative approach, AssistNow™ helps employees and families navigate life’s challenges and complex life choices by providing mental health expertise, coaching, and crisis management – with ease of access.

You can learn more about Empire Life by visiting their website.

Workplace Medical Corp.

WMC Logo
Aspiria works with Workplace Medical to provide a mental health service to their clients. Workplace Medical is dedicated to keeping Canada working. Offering a wide variety of prevention, response and return to work services to help reduce avoidable absences such as advice and support as your “Company Doctor”, medical surveillance programs, first aid training, mobile hearing testing, disability and absence management support and more, Workplace Medical Corp. is your trusted resource for medical support and services.

You can learn more about Workplace Medical by visiting their website.


CBI Health Group

CBI Health Group Logo
Aspiria partners with CBI Health Group to provide mental health support to clients. CBI is Canada’s largest community healthcare provider. From the outset, CBI Health Group has challenged the status quo and believed that there was a more effective way of solving and managing the complex problems we face in patient health. They are focused on a united purpose: to improve the health and enrich the lives of Canadians.

You can learn more about CBI Health Group by visiting their website.

Gilda’s Club

Gilda's Club Logo
In partnering with Gilda’s Club, we have created a robust workplace cancer support service called OnCallogic. This innovative new program provides organizations with mental health support for those affected by cancer through a series of specialized counselling sessions.

Gilda’s Club is a non-profit cancer support organization. They provide emotional and social support through innovative networking and support groups, educational workshops and social activities.

You can learn more about Gilda’s Club by visiting their website.

STI Technologies Limited

STI Technologies Logo
Aspiria works with STI Technologies Limited (STI) to provide a mental health component to their membership. Founded in 2001, STI is a health-care technology company that provides Canadian patients with greater choice and broader access to the best medications and health-care products.

Through partnerships with Canada’s top pharmaceutical companies, STI supports the health-care system by delivering intelligent reimbursement, patient management and patient engagement solutions that improve health outcomes.

By making their user-friendly solutions available online, and through physicians and pharmacists across Canada, they are the leader in their industry, and have millions of patients who benefit from their programs.

You can learn more about STI Technologies by visiting their website.

Heidary Health

Aspiria partners with Heidary Health to offer clients the Workplace Wellness Tracker – a comprehensive health and wellness survey that goes well beyond traditional employee engagement surveys to give you a true measure of the KPIs for your employees. The Workplace Wellness Tracker empowers individuals and organizations to take control of their health by making preventative healthcare more accessible. 

You can learn more about Heidary Health by visiting their website.



In partnership with MaxPeople, Aspiria offers HREssentials. Delivered by a team of highly experienced HR professionals, this managed Human Resources service helps organizations handle their “people-related issues” by offering them coaching, real-time support, and tools and templates for implementing a sound HR infrastructure. Core areas of expertise include leadership development and servicing your organization for a variety of HR needs. Aspiria is committed to helping business owners and leaders transform their staff to be more focused, happier, and productive at work and in life. 

You can learn more about MaxPeople by visiting their website





We take pride in knowing that Aspiria helps employees, students and their families foster and maintain their physical and mental health, financial stability, and general wellbeing. In our mission to create expert health solutions that empower organizations and their people, we understand the importance of giving back to those in need. We are thankful to have the opportunities to do so through these dedicated non-profit organizations:

Tourette Canada

Now in its 24th year, Aspiria has co-hosted the Annual Tourette Syndrome Golf Tournament alongside Tourette Canada for the past 12 years in support of this challenging neurological disorder. Funds raised through this tournament are used to send children living with Tourette Syndrome to summer camp. With our continued support, Aspiria hopes to help break down the stigma that surrounds Tourette Syndrome through education, advocacy, and research.

Cystic Fibrosis Canada

In support of finding a cure for cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease that affects one of every 3,600 Canadian children, Aspiria continuously makes monetary donations to this committed charitable organization. We are proud to contribute to this agency that has led to Canadians with cystic fibrosis having one of the highest survival rates in the world.

Gilda’s Club

Gilda’s Club is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to ensure people living with cancer are empowered by knowledge, strengthened by action, and sustained by community. In partnering with Gilda’s Club, we have created a robust workplace cancer support service called OnCallogic. This innovative new program provides organizations with mental health support for those affected by cancer through a series of specialized counselling sessions. Through OnCallogic, Aspiria hopes to allow people suffering from cancer to benefit from expert counselling and resource services, ensuring no one faces cancer alone.


To help the Hospital for Sick Children fund Project Horizon, a redevelopment plan with the goal of building an inspired, re-imagined hospital by early 2022, Aspiria has made a monetary donation to the SickKids VS Limits fundraising campaign. Having grown from six beds in 1875 to over 400 today, we look forward to contributing to SickKids’ amazing work for years to come.





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