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Aspiria is the only company in Canada focused solely on providing Employee (EAP) and Student (SAP) Assistance Programs. It’s all we do.



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How do you ensure the health and wellness of your organization?

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COVID-19 Has Accelerated the Need for Student Mental Health Support

Even before COVID-19 began, students were already reporting concerns about their mental health. Now, the pandemic has exacerbated these concerns to a new level; one that can no longer be ignored. What can you do to provide the support that students desperately need?

Download "Walk Towards Wellness" at Aspiria

4 Strategies for Becoming Organized at Work

Not only do organizational skills benefit us in all aspects of our lives, but they’re also a top soft skill that employers look for when hiring new employees. An organized employee can be more productive, have reduced stress levels, and meet deadlines in comparison to those who lack organizational skills.

“Charles, I had to reach out to you. We have had an amazing, strong partnership with Aspiria for the past 10 years and one that I know will continue. Our student and medical support teams have been very impressed with your group’s professionalism and innovation. Working together, we have created a strong mental wellness [and] resilience program for our international students. “Stay Healthy at School” helped us combine our health and accident services with a state-of-the-art digital and in-person mental health program. [It] has provided a coping safety net for tens of thousands of students every year who are studying away from home, away from their families, under stress, and in need of a caring, trained counselor. I look forward to the next 10 years.”

— Robin Ingle, CEO MSH, Ingle International