It is with shared sadness that we mourn the lives that were lost in the recent crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 in Tehran, Iran yesterday. We know that events like this can have far-reaching effects that can elicit strong emotional responses in all of us.

Aspiria is here to support you. We encourage you to reach us through our 24/7 emergency community mental health line available from January 9th to January 23rd at 1.833.Aspiria (1.833.277.4742)

“Aspiria is very responsive with our employees’ day to day needs and they have been very accommodating and supportive with periodic trauma counselling services during times of crisis. The active utilization of the plan, by both our employees and their eligible dependents, has resulted in shorter claim durations and a more sustainable return to work.”

— Seva Golosky, Vice President, Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness, Empire Life Insurance Co.

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