Aspiria is now offering employee assistance programs within Canada’s leading provider of EAP’s HumanaCare. The two companies are synergizing services to enhance its product offerings and service capabilities which will undoubtedly improve the care for the each and every plan member.

HumanaCare provides service to millions of Canadians employed at hundreds of organizations. They have achieved their success by being dedicated to offering their plan members a program that is compassionate, holistic, and employee centered. When doing a direct comparison to the industry norm, HumanaCares programs offer a 50% improvement in their outcomes for their plan members.

Services Include

  • Short–term therapy/counselling
  • Trauma/crisis management and intervention services
  • Financial, legal, family and stress-related services
  • Health system navigation, case management, care coordination and concierge services for acute illnesses (expert advice on how to get the most out of the system)
  • Caregiving and care support for age-related illnesses with support for the entire family (such as elderly parents), with care transitions (home to long-term care, hospital to community, etc.), community care and any related support

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