As one of the most experienced EAP providers, Aspiria is able to provide the depth and breadth of support your organization requires.


    We know three of the biggest issues facing businesses are employee retention, absenteeism (presenteeism) and low morale. Having an effective Employee Assistance Program in your business can help resolve your current business issues so that productivity does not suffer. In fact, early identification of an assessed issue, matched with the right specialty, will result in higher-than-average case resolution.


    Our 24/7, multilingual, Clinical Response Centre is often your employee’s first point of contact, which is why each call is answered by professional counsellors who will address any concerns or difficulties your employees are facing in a confidential and caring manner. All calls are immediately assessed and triaged based on urgency and in accordance to privacy and confidentiality laws.


    What Makes Us Different?


    • Client Choice – In face-to-face, e/video, and telephonic counselling formats.
    • On-demand Technology – A robust employee Aspiria app, providing help whenever and wherever it is needed the most.
    • Quality – Professional counselling based on need, (not upon a capped number of sessions).
    • Accountability – All client files are audited by Aspiria ensuring 100% quality assurance.
    • Superior Customer Service – Focus on both the employee and the plan sponsor (dual client relationship).
    • Understanding the Client – Customized and flexible programs, as we understand that no two organizations are the same.
    • Counselling Impact on Productivity – Transparent, anonymous data analysis, including client feedback and ROI reporting.




    Aspiria’s Employee Assistance Program Offers:






    Whether or not you have an EAP in place at your organization, Aspiria is focused on providing quality programs with genuine, professional, and responsive customer service. Let us breathe new life into your organization and your people, and empower them to reach their full potential. 


    We know that addressing human resources issues can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for a small business. Through our partners, Aspiria takes care of your organization’s HR issues so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. We have partnered with Max People Perform (MMP) to help you nurture the ‘people-side’ of your business and promote a positive work environment. We have also partnered with CBI Health Group to provide at-home mental health support to clients who need it. 


    To find out more about other specialized solutions that we offer, contact us.







    Implementing an EAP for your workplace brings maximum benefit, no matter the size of your organization. Outlined below are true accounts from a few select clients, which exemplify how our EAP services have improved the wellness of their respective workplaces.


    Grief Counselling


    A single, middle-aged woman finally decided to reach out to Aspiria amidst a very difficult year plagued with personal grief and loss. Her story revealed that in less than 12 months both of her parents passed away, a close cousin lost her battle to cancer, and a long-term friend moved far away. If that wasn’t enough, her 15-year old pet had to be put to sleep. She took solace in the counselling provided to her from one of Aspiria’s seasoned grief counsellors. Both empathic support and education on the grief cycle was the focus of her counselling, helping her forge through the varied emotions and stages of loss. Although she could not bring back what had been lost, with the insights and strategies gained through the counselling process and additional supports, she was able to “move on” and gradually return to her regular routine.


    Nutrition Counselling


    A senior in a small northern community, newly diagnosed with diabetes, was shocked to learn that he had developed Type II diabetes. Although he was given literature from his local healthcare clinic, a type of “diabetes 101” folder of educational literature, he was left overwhelmed and not exactly sure what to do. He turned to Aspiria’s Nutrition Services where he was immediately matched to a nutritionist/dietician. What followed was a set of consultations that offered him personal support that met his specific needs. Time was spent answering his questions, explaining lifestyle changes that needed to take place, and helping him develop routines and meal plans that best fit his schedule and lifestyle.


    Organizational Trauma Counselling


    A mid-sized professional agency in a large city was devastated after learning about the teenage child of an employee taking his own life. The child was well-liked and well-known to many of the office staff as he would work part time at the office during his summers off school. Not knowing how to best handle the situation, the company’s president contacted Aspiria for an immediate management consultation and spoke directly with Aspiria’s Clinical Director. After gathering all the essential details regarding the situation and the current office atmosphere it was recommended to deploy an Aspiria trauma counsellor to the office site the following day for a group trauma debriefing among office employees and, for those who were interested, one-on-one meetings with staff members. The employee whose son passed away was also provided the opportunity (which he accepted) to meet with an Aspiria counsellor for a set of sessions for much needed emotional support. Counselling was also offered and provided to the employee’s family members as well, both as a family unit and individual sessions. Although it was a difficult time with many ups and downs, both the agency and the family, with the assistance of Aspiria’s management team and counsellors, worked though the emotions and eventually were able to carry on.


    Employee Relations


    The management team of a blue collar based department of a large organization approached Aspiria’s management team to address long-term departmental issues regarding conflict management and team unity. Attempts had been made over the years to resolve the issues but they continued to persist. Aspiria’s consultation with the department’s management team resulted in the recommendation for an onsite psychoeducation group intervention consisting of a series of sessions involving all staff members of the department. The group was led by a senior member of Aspiria’s clinical team and focused on key issues with which the staff was struggling. With the establishment of a sense of safety and equality during the group process, and strategic guidance and facilitation by the Aspiria facilitator, issues were addressed by the group as a whole. Ongoing consultation with the department’s management team during and after the group was provided. The outcome of the group intervention showed an improvement in the understanding of effective conflict resolution and respect. The group was challenged to continue working on the insights and skills addressed in the sessions and each member was encouraged to be mindful of his or her role and the impact they have on the group as a whole.













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    Testimonials « Our utilization with Aspiria is strong and, as a result, we have experienced a reduction in mental health related absences. The active utilization of the plan, by both our employees and their eligible dependents, has resulted in shorter claim durations and a more sustainable return to work. » – Seva Golosky, Vice President, Compensation and Organizational Effectiveness, Empire Life Insurance Co. « 

    We’ve been extremely happy with both the service our employees have received when they’ve been in need but also the Management with the flexibility and ability on the team at Aspiria to turn on a dime. Aspiria has certainly proved to all of us that this was indeed the right fit for our 5500 employees across Canada. »Anna Katsaros, Corporate HRBP, Canada & Director, Total Rewards Sysco Canada Inc.